The Ultimate Guide to Dad and Buried the Anti Parenting Blog

Dad and buried the anti parent parenting blog that has been causing disturbances in the nurturing local area since its origin in 2010. The blog is composed by Mike Julianelle, a father of two who adopts a one-of-a-kind strategy for guardians by utilizing humor and genuineness to discuss the difficulties and delights of being a parent.

This article will analyze Father and Covered, its set of experiences, and what makes it stand apart from other nurturing online journals.

History of Dad and Buried:

Mike Julianelle began Father and Covered in 2010 to record his encounters as another father. His composing immediately acquired a following, and he became known for his real life and clever interpretation of nurturing.

Throughout the long term, Father and Covered have developed into a stage that reports Mike’s encounters as a parent and offers counsel and backing to different guardians battling with bringing up kids.

It’s Dad and buried the anti parent parenting blog position separates Father and Covered from other nurturing web journals. Mike won’t hesitate to stand in opposition to the challenges of being a parent, and he frequently adopts a silly strategy for subjects that others might avoid.

For instance, Mike has expounded on the difficulties of managing a youngster’s fitness, getting children to eat good food sources, and carving out opportunities for taking care of oneself as a parent.

One of the most famous elements of Father and Covered is the series of images that Mike makes to represent the high points and low points of nurturing. These images are broadly shared via virtual entertainment and have turned into the brand name of the blog.

Dad and Buried Unique Story:

At Father and Covered, we accept each parent has an interesting story and needs to hear it! Whether you are a stand-by-at-home mother or a functioning father, we are here to tune in and enhance your voice. We comprehend that nurturing can be testing, and we are focused on giving a stage for guardians to give their encounters back to each other.

Sharing your story on our blog or virtual entertainment can motivate trusted guardians to feel disconnected or alone. Your words can direct inexperienced parents in exploring the difficulties of bringing up kids. You can likewise offer a significant message of affection and back to kids who have encountered a separation or lost a friend or family member.

We are an Enemy of the Parent people group, trusting that trustworthiness, humor, and backing are crucial for successful nurturing. By sharing your story, you can assist us with making a local area that commends the delights of nurturing while likewise recognizing the troubles.

In this way, don’t be timid! Kindly offer your encounters with us, and we should fabricate a local area that inspires and upholds all guardians. Your voice matters, and we are focused on enhancing it. Go along with us at Father and Covered, and we should make nurturing somewhat simpler for everybody!

What Makes Dad and Buried Unique?

A couple of things put Father and Covered aside from other Dad and buried the anti parent parenting blog. Here are different of the key elements that make it one of a kind:


Mike is available to express his genuine thoughts in regard to nurturing. He speaks the truth about his difficulties as a parent and won’t hesitate to concede when he doesn’t have every one of the responses.


Mike utilizes humor to discuss the risky parts of nurturing. This approach is reviving and interesting, and it has assisted him with building a huge following of perusers.


The images Mike makes are one of the characterizing highlights of Father and Covered. They are entertaining, and appealing, and frequently hit the nail on the head for guardians who are going through comparable encounters.

Anti-Parenting Stance:

Father and Covered take an enemy of nurturing position novel in the nurturing blogosphere. Mike is unafraid to reprimand the conventional nurturing story and proposition an alternate point of view.

Supportive Community:

Father and Covered have fabricated a steady local area of perusers who share their own encounters and proposition backing and guidance to each other.

Why Read Dad and Buried?

On the off chance that you’re a parent who is worn out on the conventional nurturing story, Father and Covered is a reviving and engaging other option. Mike tells the truth and the comical interpretation of nurturing is a much-needed refresher, and his images will make you giggle (and perhaps cry).

As well as giving diversion and humor, Father and Covered additionally offers counsel and backing to guardians who might be battling with the difficulties of bringing up kids. The blog’s steady local area is amazing for interfacing with different guardians and sharing your encounters.

Final Thoughts:

Father and Covered is a novel and reviving nurturing take that resounded with guardians around the world. Mike tells the truth and a funny way to deal with nurturing has assisted him with building a huge following of perusers, and his images have turned into the brand name of the blog.

In the event that you’re a parent who is burnt out on the customary nurturing story, Father and Covered merit a read whether you’re searching for diversion or guidance.