Top Tips to Make Your City More Sustainable and Healthier

Most of the world’s population has started living in cities; as such, urbanization has become a primary transformative trend. The global waste created all over the world comes from cities, and these cities are also consuming 80% of the world’s energy. The innovative solutions in most of these areas because of rapid urbanization have acted as a catalyst, including developing infrastructure, transportation, and housing. One factor that people often overlook is nutrition and food security. The unfortunate part of city living is that you always make poor choices regarding your diet.

Listed below are a few ways that can make life in the city more sustainable and healthier

Promote agriculture in the urban areas

It is unfortunate whenever people think of agriculture, they always think about the rural areas and not the urban areas. Do you know about urban agriculture? By preserving land in urban areas for agriculture, you can shorten the supply chain and the amount of carbon dioxide emission when the food is transmitted from the rural to the urban areas. By producing fresh food in urban areas, you may reduce the massive environmental impact on the food distribution chain. Moreover, it will increase opportunities for the local supply chain and greater access to nutritious foods.

Encourage practicing a healthy lifestyle and diet

Do you know your dietary pattern and lifestyle can majorly affect your health? Everybody knows this, but despite this, people do not take it seriously. The dietary pattern and lifestyle can influence the overall life. Since the people in the city have numerous choices in fast food and other convenient options, the available food is highly processed. It is a growing trend among people to rely on fast food and ready-to-eat foods. More and more people are consuming processed food with no nutritional value. Many people in developing countries are facing the problem of malnutrition along with the harmful effects of obesity, which is also increasing heart disease. Food operators must sell food that has healthy ingredients and food with less saturated fat, and they should put forward low-calorie meals on the menus. You can search for healthiest US cities 2022.

Promotion of green spaces

With urbanization, green spaces are becoming less. The green areas are just present for aesthetic appeal without people realizing that greenery is very important for improving the air quality and reducing urban temperatures which will have a significant impact on the overall health of the people. The rise of local temperatures, air pollution, and a sedentary lifestyle has increased cardiovascular and respiratory issues. Obesity has become common, and the rise of new pathogens has also led to many respiratory problems.

Food systems need better planning and management to create a green environment and reduce pollution, encouraging physical activity and healthy diet choices.

Do you know that urban areas and cities function together? Of course, urban areas cannot work without rural areas. Most of the urban areas are dependent on the rural regions that surround them for food supply, labor force, and waste disposal. A joint effort can bring positive change. City life can be a healthy life too!